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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Oh! Maker of all
Why did you Create emotions?
To fill the world with
all the emotions?

When friendship was enough
Why did you create enmity?
When love was enough
Why did you create hatred?

When meetings were pleasure?
Why is parting such a pain?
When remembering was tough
Why is forgetting easy?

To love it needs a lifetime
To hate just a second.Why so?
While friends were less,
Why enemies so many?

To make friends and to love
was such a delight.
To have enemies and to hate
was such a pain.
Oh!maker of all
Why do the want pain?
When happiness was profuse
and always in readiness.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

War & Peace

War & peace,
War comes with ease,
But avoid this please!
war is a poison
In the cup of nation
Action is faster
But reaction is a disaster.
Alas! War is spread
through out the globe
Dividing every brick and lobe
Peace is a solution,
to stop war at every destination.
Not very difficult is peace attainment,
But possible is its achievement
But once attained
Important is its safe management
Peaceful world is
a garden of happiness,
Glowing with colours
With a light of charm
Peace is the only medicine ,
which when applied
on the wound of war.
World will shine
Like a twinkling star!