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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Lost Dream

Sitting alone by the endless sea,
Cold and Gloomy
Watching the moon hidden within mists;
Silently,observing those mysterious
Waves of the dark sea,
Strange sounds being produce,
I could hear the sounds of these waves,
Strange sounds being produced by those waves,
Reminds me of a dream,i once had ages ago.
A dream so mesmeric,that i wished it was lost
But unfortunate me, never did I imagine,
That dream of mine wasn't mean to lost.
Have been through many other enlightened dreams before,
Filled with bliss and beauty,but unlike the one
I Have lost so far,
Even my prayers didn't bring them back after all,
Ah,how my soul wishes to drown itself within those
Waves to find out that lost dream
Tears,running through those eyes of mine,
Dropping themselves within my heart
My heart that has lost its beat,
And will only beat until the day I find that dream.
Dead,I truly seem,
Tried,broken faded that's how I feel,
Oh,lord I have been praying
Praying for ages, I believe
 I beg you to grant my prayer,the one that'll return
My lost dream
Until then,I'll just hope.Hope for my prayer to be
And this hope will keep me awake till that moment
Sitting here alone by an endless sea,waiting
Waiting,patiently for that lost dream to be
Returned to me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Desert (Arabian Sands)

Stranded in the desert,
In the boiling heat of sun,
Looked around,
Saw nothing,but beautiful dunes,
I stood there admiring-
A darting fox broke my thoughts,
I noticed slippery sands down my feet,
Curious as I-
Coming towards me,
Up in the sky on elegant white,
Smiling down over troubles
A terrific sight;
Time passed,Oh! Night came;
How bitter cold,
I lay there on my sand,
Nothing around but tiny gerbils,
Scurrying around EH?
Morning came, with heart again.
What do i see?
AH!ships in the desert,
With their padded feet here and there;
With water
I am saved,
An endless path,for eyes to see,
Vultures no more,
Men collecting dates,
Women collecting twigs,
Sun shining very brightly;
Yes!It's Bedouin's fate! 

Never Leave Her Alone

Lord,make her due pretty
For she wasn't all pretty,
She was a lovely maiden
Made to live in wholly dim
      Lord,give her wings of beauty
      For her delicate inner beauty
      Give her silvery slippers
      For the falling slithery rain
Lord, please do forgive her
To the little town of Trinoli
As the queen of dream only
      But forgery and bribery
      As none turns to contrary
      Begins to grow as designing
      To be the cast for demolishing
Lord,give her beautiful curls
With white whitey pearls
And please make the promise
She never will vanish
      Lord,make her happy and cheerful
      Even in her dreadful moments
      And please do see it to that
      She will never be left behind.


Nature has many beautiful things
some with tails and some with wings.
Forests full of leaves,twigs and flowers
Made for all the nature lovers.
And all the lovely bushes and trees
Are the homes for birds and busy bees
With wonderful animals of every type
Memories are not so easy to wipe
The gushing rapids and waterfalls
Are more fascinating than all the malls
The gleaming deserts and the frigid mountains
Overflow with beauty like the heavenly fountains
Streams, rivers, lakes and oceans
Offer us such beautiful visions
The sun, moon,clouds and stars
Are more marvelous than the latest cars.
And now I'm sure you 'll agree
That nature's beautiful to the last degree! 

Spooky night

After a heavy day,
Of studies and play,
it was a night,
Only the moon was bright.
Everybody was enjoying the sleep.
Which was very deep.
But, I was hungry
So I ate a toast
But to my surprise
I saw a ghost!
His eyes were red and bright,
I shivered with fright.
He wanted to hit me with a beam,
I screamed a lot,
But Oh! This was just a dream
This was the most horrible sight,
on that spooky NIGHT.