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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Desert (Arabian Sands)

Stranded in the desert,
In the boiling heat of sun,
Looked around,
Saw nothing,but beautiful dunes,
I stood there admiring-
A darting fox broke my thoughts,
I noticed slippery sands down my feet,
Curious as I-
Coming towards me,
Up in the sky on elegant white,
Smiling down over troubles
A terrific sight;
Time passed,Oh! Night came;
How bitter cold,
I lay there on my sand,
Nothing around but tiny gerbils,
Scurrying around EH?
Morning came, with heart again.
What do i see?
AH!ships in the desert,
With their padded feet here and there;
With water
I am saved,
An endless path,for eyes to see,
Vultures no more,
Men collecting dates,
Women collecting twigs,
Sun shining very brightly;
Yes!It's Bedouin's fate! 

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  1. Great that in your eyes even the deserts are alive!