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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Lost Dream

Sitting alone by the endless sea,
Cold and Gloomy
Watching the moon hidden within mists;
Silently,observing those mysterious
Waves of the dark sea,
Strange sounds being produce,
I could hear the sounds of these waves,
Strange sounds being produced by those waves,
Reminds me of a dream,i once had ages ago.
A dream so mesmeric,that i wished it was lost
But unfortunate me, never did I imagine,
That dream of mine wasn't mean to lost.
Have been through many other enlightened dreams before,
Filled with bliss and beauty,but unlike the one
I Have lost so far,
Even my prayers didn't bring them back after all,
Ah,how my soul wishes to drown itself within those
Waves to find out that lost dream
Tears,running through those eyes of mine,
Dropping themselves within my heart
My heart that has lost its beat,
And will only beat until the day I find that dream.
Dead,I truly seem,
Tried,broken faded that's how I feel,
Oh,lord I have been praying
Praying for ages, I believe
 I beg you to grant my prayer,the one that'll return
My lost dream
Until then,I'll just hope.Hope for my prayer to be
And this hope will keep me awake till that moment
Sitting here alone by an endless sea,waiting
Waiting,patiently for that lost dream to be
Returned to me.


  1. ur lost dream will come true one day
    i have gone through all poems,somewhere a rhythm of loneliness is beating in ur heart
    nicely written
    nice picture

  2. The blog is very good!

  3. Hope your dream would return as you wish!